invariant manifold

invariant manifold
инвариантное (напр., относительно преобразования исследования Пуанкаре) многообразие; см. также manifold

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  • Normally hyperbolic invariant manifold — A normally hyperbolic invariant manifold (NHIM) is a natural generalization of a hyperbolic fixed point and a hyperbolic set. The difference can be described heuristically as follows: For a manifold Λ to be normally hyperbolic we are allowed to… …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant differential operators — appear often in mathematics and theoretical physics. There is no universal definition for them and the meaning of invariance may depend on the context. Usually, an invariant differential operator D is a map from some mathematical objects… …   Wikipedia

  • Manifold — For other uses, see Manifold (disambiguation). The sphere (surface of a ball) is a two dimensional manifold since it can be represented by a collection of two dimensional maps. In mathematics (specifically in differential geometry and topology),… …   Wikipedia

  • Invariant (mathematics) — In mathematics, an invariant is a property of a class of mathematical objects that remains unchanged when transformations of a certain type are applied to the objects. The particular class of objects and type of transformations are usually… …   Wikipedia

  • 4-manifold — In mathematics, 4 manifold is a 4 dimensional topological manifold. A smooth 4 manifold is a 4 manifold with a smooth structure. In dimension four, in marked contrast with lower dimensions, topological and smooth manifolds are quite different.… …   Wikipedia

  • Gromov–Witten invariant — In mathematics, specifically in symplectic topology and algebraic geometry, Gromov–Witten (GW) invariants are rational numbers that, in certain situations, count pseudoholomorphic curves meeting prescribed conditions in a given symplectic… …   Wikipedia

  • Yamabe invariant — In mathematics, in the field of differential geometry, the Yamabe invariant (also referred to as the sigma constant) is a real number invariant associated to a smooth manifold that is preserved under diffeomorphisms. It was first written down… …   Wikipedia

  • Seiberg–Witten invariant — In mathematics, Seiberg–Witten invariants are invariants of compact smooth 4 manifolds introduced by harvtxt|Witten|1994, using the Seiberg Witten theory studied by harvs|txt=yes|last=Seiberg|last2=Witten|year1=1994a|year2=1994b during their… …   Wikipedia

  • Kervaire invariant — In mathematics, the Kervaire invariant, named for Michel Kervaire, is defined in geometric topology. It is an invariant of 4 n + 2 dimensional almost parallelizable smooth manifolds M , taking values in the 2 element group :Z/2Z. It is equal to… …   Wikipedia

  • Center manifold — Let :dot{ extbf{x = f( extbf{x})be a dynamical system with equilibrium point:: extbf{x}^{*} = 0The linearization of the system at the equilibrium point is::dot{ extbf{x = A extbf{x}The linearized system has the following sets of eigenspaces,… …   Wikipedia

  • Differentiable manifold — A nondifferentiable atlas of charts for the globe. The results of calculus may not be compatible between charts if the atlas is not differentiable. In the middle chart the Tropic of Cancer is a smooth curve, whereas in the first it has a sharp… …   Wikipedia

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